Overlanders Garden Salad - mixed lettuce, tomato, red onion, cucumber, kalamata olives and fetta cheese with balsamic dressing (v)(gf)$ 9.50
Damper (Aussie-Style Bush Bread) or Garlic Bread - 2 slices$ 5.50
Damper (Aussie-Style Bush Bread) or Garlic Bread - 4 slices$10.00
Chips / Fries$ 9.00
Tasting Platter - a Crocodile pattie & a small piece of Kangaroo fillet, Buffalo chipolata and Camel fillet with sauces$29.00
Stuffed Mushrooms - Filled with cream cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, spring onion and parmesean cheese then baked (v)(gf)$20.50
Smoked Kangaroo - Smoked Kangaroo slices, Kakadu plum,chili and ginger sauce, orange and rocket salad, toasted turkish bread$20.00
Garlic Prawns (SA) Sauteed in garlic, tomato, onion, white wine and parsley$23.50
Deep Fried Camembert - Served with mango chutney, salad leaves and lavosh crackers (v)$19.00
Beef Ribs - (2) (approx. 30-35mins) Our famous large, roasted tasty , tender ribs with house made BBQ sauce$25.50
T-Bone Steak - 500 gr tender steak cooked to your liking with your choice of sauce$43.00
Beef Chop - 330 gr Rib eye steak on the bone$43.00
Sirloin Steak - 300 gr with your choice of sauce$40.00
Fillet Steak - 250 gr prime Beef fillet steak with your choice of sauce$41.50
Beef Ribs - (3) Our famous large, roasted, tasty, tender ribs served with our house made BBQ sauce$35.75
Mixed Grill - 200 gr Rib eye steak, lamb cutlet, sausage, bacon, egg and tomato$39.75
Rib Eye - 400 gr Rib eye steak served with your choice of sauce$42.50
Rib Eye - 200 gr Rib eye steak served with your choice of sauce$33.00
All main meals served with either; house-made coleslaw and chips or vegetables of the day and potatoes
(Cooking times: Well Done 30 mins, Medium 20 mins, Rare 10 mins, minimum)
Choice of sauces - Red wine & Mushroom, Pepper, Dianne, Creamy Mushroom (gf), Plum Sauce, Gravy
Additional serving of sauce (per serve)$  3.50
Prawn (3) & Garlic Cream Sauce$13.50
Vegetarian Menu available
Apple Pie - Served warm with either vanilla ice-cream or cream (approx 20mins)$16.00
Pavlova - A sweet Aussie favourite topped with passionfruit coulis and cream$16.00
Coffee - Fresh Plunger Coffee$ 4.50
Tea - Choice of Regular, English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Chamomile, Peppermint & Green$ 4.50
All prices are G.S.T. inclusive